You want to go for missions? – No prob, we have some ideas for you.


Strategy 1: Get the ENL-Banner

We created a banner to remember the Anomaly in Frankfurt. For these 6 missions you just need 30 minutes. Start at the NIA Reg and walk around the district.





Strategy 2: Get 500 Uniques

We recommend these three missions to get as many uniques as possible.

“Old Town Frankfurt”

18 Missions, 24/7, 5,42 km, 119 Uniques, ca. 1:15 hours by moving fast

Start/Finish: Römer (U Dom/Römer)

“Frankfurt Sachsenhausen”

18 Missions, 24/7, 8,86 km, 131 Uniques, ca. 2:00 hours by moving fast

Start: near Römer (U Dom/Römer), Finish is in the middle of Sachsenhausen


36 Missions, 24/7, 15,15 km, 240 Uniques, ca. 4:00 hours by moving fast

Start/Finish: near Hauptwache (S Hauptwache)

Strategy 3: Go for further missions

Feel free to take any mission in Frankfurt. Most of them are updated. When you check www.ingressmosaik.com we recommend to select the newer missions. Check for https://ingressmosaik.com/de/he?p=0&t=new and you see all missions in the State of Hessen, then just make sure that you choose missions in “Frankfurt am Main”. Have fun to create your own tour in Frankfurt!