Mainhatten - the city with the most imposing skyline in Germany, financial center, trade fair city, European transport hub - has much more to offer than skyscrapers and Germany's largest airport!
The coat of arms of the city shows a white eagle with a golden crown on a red background.

Frankfurt is also known for its many museums, many on the Museumsufer but also all over the city. Among the nearly 60 exhibition venues are extraordinary as the "Hammer Museum", the Museum of Comic Art: Caricatura and the Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank. Anyone looking for a cultural experience will surely find something intriguing.

With many parks and green spaces, the city offers plenty of places to rest next to the hustle and bustle of the city center and the banking district.

A must see for all visitors are the famous cider pubs of Frankfurt, they can be found in Alt-Sachsenhausen, besides a variety of restaurants of all kinds.

Grie Soss

The Frankfurt green sauce (Grie Soss) consists of seven herbs: chives, sorrel, borage, chervil, cress, parsley and pimpinelle. The herbs are processed with sour cream or creme fraiche. Added to that are mustard, lemon, oil and vinegar and possibly a boiled egg - everyone has their own recipe. The sauce is eaten with boiled potatoes and hard-boiled eggs. You can also get it with Schnitzel or "Tafelspitz".


The originally hand-shaped sour milk cheese was invented in 1813 in Groß-Gerau. Traditionally, it is marinated for some time in a mariande of vinegar, oil, salt, pepper and caraway. It is served with fresh onion rings and bread and butter. Served with only one knife, with which pieces of cheese are cut on the buttered bread and then consumed with the onion rings (the "Musik").


The "Schobbe" is a fruit wine from different apple varieties with 5 to 7 Vol%. In a ribbed glass - called "Geripptes" -   it is poured from a stoneware jug, the so-called Bembel, diluted with water as "sprayed (Gespritzter)", with a lot of water it is called "Tiefgespritzter". A "sweet-sprayed (Süßgespritzter)" -  Ebbelwoi diluted with lemonade -  should better not be  ordered in a traditional Frankfurt apple wine pub (Ebbelwoikneipe)!
The locals’ beverage of choice has many nicknames. Whether it’s called “Ebbelwei”, “Ebbelwoi”, “Äppler”, “Schoppe” or “Stöffche”, the meaning’s the same.

The new "Oldtown"

In the middle of Frankfurt, the city just had the grant opening of its restored and rebuild old city centre. Originally destroyed in 1944 35 buildings where rebuild in the last 4 years. Among the 15 that were reconstructed after old originals are the "Goldene Waage" as well at the "Rote Haus", which were recreated only after old photos.
Always full of photo hungry tourist, this is a must see for every agent in the city!

The Ebbelwei-Express

Frankfurt from the curious side: with an old, colorfully painted streetcar you can take a tour past Frankfurt beautiful attractions. The Ebbelwei-Express runs Saturdays and Sundays from about 1pm to 7pm. You can board at each stop and pay the ticket from the conductor. To come true to its name, the conductor serves apple cider and pretzels! Everybody should have done it once. It also passes plenty of portals to hack, while enjoying the ride.

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Frankfurt from above

If you want to see the city from the top, you have a few options: from the observation deck on the Main Tower to the sundowner in the "Alex" on the roof of the Skyline Plaza near the Frankfurt fair. A short trip up to the panoramic terrace of the "Galeria Kaufhof" at the Hauptwache in the 7th floor is also worthwhile. And the best skyline view is from the Eiserner Steg or the Holbeinsteg, the two pedestrian bridges across the Main. If you want to have it more old-fashioned, the 328 steps of the cathedral tower can also be climbed.

Main Tower platform

Foto: Simsalabimbam

The viewing platform of the bank building of the HeLaBa in the Neue Mainzer Strasse 52-58 has opened from 10am to 9pm o'clock, on Fridays and Saturdays even to 11pm o'clock. The ticket are 7.50€.

Skyline Plaza roof garden

Skyline Plaza Dachgarten

Foto: ECE

The "Alex" on the roof of Skyline Plaza (near the fair) is open on Fridays and Saturdays until 2am. The roof garden is worth a visit with or without a drink and a hamburger!

Tower of the cathedral

Frankfurter Dom


From 9am to 6pm you can climb the 328 steps of the tower. The view compensates for the many steps.

Frankfurt's bridges

Eiserner Steg

Foto: Nikolai Karaneschev

Actually, each bridge offers a fantastic view of the skyscrapers and the banks of the Main. Pedestrian friendly are the Holbein Steg and the Eiserner Steg.